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Soft grIP: Trademarks and Copyrights

Trademark and copyright are often referred to as “soft intellectual property.” We call our emerging companies soft intellectual property practice: Soft grIP.


A company’s brand is often critical to its value creation. A good brand strategy helps customers recognize a company’s products, emotionally connects customers with its products, and creates customer loyalty. We advise emerging companies in designing and implementing trademark strategies to protect their brand domestically and internationally.


Protecting writings, website content, videos, audio recordings, pictures, photographs, artwork, sculptures, architectural plans and other creative materials (“Copyrightable Materials”) may be critical to an emerging company’s growth. Copyrightable Materials can be registered with the United States Copyright Office and in certain foreign jurisdictions, a process which provides owners of Copyrightable Materials with additional protections. We advise emerging companies on copyright strategies and assist them in their implementation.