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Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Management

Successfully protecting innovations of a company requires strong, solid, defensible patents.  At Mei & Mark LLP, we develop customized prosecution strategies and solutions to obtain the best possible protection for those innovations. To that end, we bring together big firm quality and expertise with boutique attention and dedication. This combination of the best of both worlds results in higher quality service, a greater cost-value, and a deeper commitment to the client.  Also, as part of our commitment to meet the real-world needs of clients of all shapes and sizes, we provide virtually limitless flexibilities in our fee arrangements with clients to accommodate their unique constraints and needs without compromising the quality.

Since founding in 2009, we have been providing cost-effective, high-quality prosecution services to companies of all sizes, from large multinational Forturne-500 companies to small startups and universities.  As a small recognition of our excellent services, we recently have been named one of the Go-To Law Firms at the Top 500 Companies by American Lawyer Media [ß insert hypertext link]. We achieved this recognition by assembling a team of highly experienced attorneys with dedications to excellence.

We handle all aspects of patent prosecution, from the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, including appeals, to post-grant practices including reissues, reexaminations, inter partes reviews (IPR), post-grant reviews (PGR), and covered business method reviews (CBM) proceedings.  Our attorneys represent a diverse class of technological disciplines and many hold advanced degrees in their relevant fields of expertise. Several of our attorneys also have served as patent examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Exemplary technological disciplines include:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Methods
  • Chemical Technology
  • Computer Software & Hardware
  • Consumer Goods
  • Control Algorithms
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Devices
  • Medical Devices
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Optics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor & Fabrication Equipment

We also provide comprehensive portfolio management services, which entails not only the administrative aspects but also the substantive aspects of the portfolio management. One unique aspect of our services at Mei & Mark includes evaluating patent portfolios of our clients and their competitors to formulate our insights on the patent coverages owned by our clients against their competitors and helping our clients with the direction their portfolios needs to go to maintain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Mei & Mark also provides clients with a variety of strategic counseling services, including opinion work (e.g., patentability, validity, infringement, and freedom-to-operate), licensing programs, and portfolio valuation and acquisition.  With expertise across multiple industries, our attorneys are particularly adept at devising sound strategies for leveraging clients’ intellectual property assets.  Further, Mei & Mark has attorneys practicing in non-IP matters, such as corporate business, international transactions, and general litigation matters. Combining these talents and expertise in a boutique setting can bring highly beneficial cross-disciplinary perspectives to the foreground of our patent advice. For example, with insights and expertise from our attorney practicing corporate business law, we can assist our clients with market entry decisions, commercial transactions, patent pooling arrangements, licensing agreements, and technology transfers. For such a holistic support for our clients, we also offer services relating to establishing outside counsel guidelines. This helps our clients control costs, set achievable and measurable expectations, and establish an IP workflow that fits their size and desired level of service.