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DC Bar Member Spotlight: Krystyna Colantoni

Washington, DC – April 9, 2018 – The DC Bar published “Member Spotlight: Krystyna Colantoni” by Lauren Schenkman.

This article details Krystyna Colantoni’s career path:

Patent lawyer Krystyna Colantoni still remembers the moment she fell in love with technology. She was a young child, and the cover had come off her father’s power drill. He showed her how the trigger sent the motor and gears into action to eventually spin the drill bit at the end. “I remember my brain hurting trying to follow all that,” she recalls, “but at the same time it whet my appetite for all things mechanical.”

Decades later, the 39-year-old patent lawyer is a partner and head of prosecution at Mei & Mark, LLP in Washington, D.C., working with clients in the automotive industry to patent new technologies on anything from tractor trailers and off-road vehicles to passenger cars. “It’s beautiful to me, looking at how the gears couple on a differential,” she says. “It’s just like looking at a power drill with my dad as a little girl. It’s that familiar.”

But it hasn’t been any easy road. Colantoni faced a male-dominated field. . . .

Click here to read the entire article.