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Law360: Cannabis Products Deserve TMs, Advocates Tells Fed Circ

Washington, DC – February 28, 2022 – Law360 quotes Robert Kimmer in its article “Cannabis Products Deserve TMs, Advocates Tells Fed Circ.” discussing a Federal Circuit appeal involving Mei & Mark client Joy Tea, In re Joy Tea Inc., No. 22-1041 (Fed. Cir.).

Law360 reports that “[t]he International Cannabis Bar Association and medical cannabis reform advocacy group Americans For Safe Access have urged the Federal Circuit to reverse a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board decision finding that a CBD-infused tea could not register its trademark.”

Mr. Kimmer was quoted: “The cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds and the landscape is rapidly evolving . . . We are at an important inflection point for the Federal Circuit to take a fresh look at the rules and laws for companies wishing to seek federal trademark protection.”

Larry Sandell and Robert Kimmer represent Joy Tea in this appeal.