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grIP team of experts for growth: seasoned lawyers and team of leading subject-matter and/or industry experts in intellectual property, finance (venture capital, private equity, angel, debt, government funding), marketing, data analytics, financial modeling, media, SEO, supply chain, government contracts, technology, software development, ESG, sustainability, fintech, luxury products, healthcare, transportation and biotech.

grIP – Venture Capital and Emerging Companies Platform 

Mei & Mark’s venture capital and emerging companies platform grIP is dedicated to putting emerging companies on firm footing for future growth. grIP guides them around corners to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities. The “gr” in grIP represents our commitment to our clients’ growth and the “IP” in grIP represents Mei & Mark’s renowned intellectual property practice.

Future growth requires more than seasoned legal advice, and that is the reason why we assembled a team of leading industry experts in finance, fundraising, pricing, media and marketing. Mei & Mark’s grIP partners address critical skills needed in our clients’ organizations and also bring a broad range of industry expertise.

Our grIP team members often become members of our clients’ management teams. We leverage our extensive investor, professional and commercial networks to our clients’ growth advantage. We play the long game in our relationships, making long-term success our primary goal. We also assist emerging companies to develop strategic relationships with business partners.

We believe that making targeted introductions between emerging companies and investors is one of our important roles. It also happens to be one of the most rewarding things we get to do.

Seasoned Attorneys:

>>Experience at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP (ranked #1 nationally) and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP (ranked #8 nationally)
>>Mei & Mark’s intellectual property firepower
>>Our attorneys personally founded startups or worked inhouse at startups
>>All privileged and sensitive legal matters managed in isolation from the rest of the grIP team

Leading Experts:

Marketing: John Deschner, President of MUCIFER Labs.

Marketing: John Fundingsland, Head of Global Brand Business Unit, Marketing Partnerships at Google

Financial ModelingSameer Jagetia, Former President of Redbooks (sold to Northlane Capital/List Partners), Ranked #10 in financial modeling by ModelOff 2019, global community for financial modeling

Data Analytics: Ryan Jennsen, founder of Zenlytic

ESG/Sustainability/Fintech/Financing: Jennifer Cuccaro, COO and Head of ESG Investing for Reformation Group

Fundraising/Technology/Operations/Software Development: Peter Dolch, founder of Tgix, AEON & Biospectal, Technology Entrepreneur, Two-time Winner of Inc 500

Fintech: Nathan Stevenson, founder of fintech ForwardLane

Pricing and Go-to-Market: Edward Lee, founder of HelloAdvisr

Healthcare/Fintech/Transportation: Christopher Campbell, Chief Strategist at Kroll; former Assistant Treasury Secretary for Financial Institutions from 2017 to 2018; former majority staff director to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance from 2011 to 2017. (Board Director/Advisor Positions: Intrado, Coinstar, WeConnect Health Management, tZERO, and a board advisor at Cross River Bank.)

Government Contracting Strategy Advisory: Cameron Hamilton, Managing Director at FON Finance

Government Funding: Liz Powell, founder of G2G

Biotech: Boaz Kurtis, MD, Founder of Intersect Diagnostics

Supply Chain: Victoria Cobos, Planning and end to end management leader in CPG Industry, currently Supply Chain Director for Northern Europe at General Mills

Media/Search Engine Optimization: Michael Lewittes, Operating Partner at Overton Capital Partners, co-founder and former CEO of Gossip Cop, and former NBC senior producer

Public Relations/Business Growth/Luxury Products: Steven De Luca, former President & CMO of HL Group Communications

grIP Project Manager: Charlie Cheesman, Associate at Equiteq and Venture Associate at Oxford Angel Fund II

grIP Team Director: Valerie Nussenblatt, Mei & Mark LLP



We assist emerging companies to make smart decisions from the start. We advise emerging companies on legal and strategic matters relating to entity selection, corporate structure, and founders agreements. We polish clients for road shows.



Patents and Trade Secrets (What we call “Hard grIP”)

Strategic technology protection can be critical to creating value for technology companies. Patent and trade secret protection should begin prior to launch to avoid the risk of forfeiting rights to valuable inventions. We advise emerging companies on integrating intellectual property strategies into business plans and help them implement strategies through patent filings and prosecutions and providing trade secret protection protocols. We assist emerging companies in growing a patent portfolio that keeps competition at bay, generates licensing revenue, or otherwise add business value.

Branding (What we call “Soft grIP”)

Your brand is one of your most important assets. Good branding strategy helps customers recognize a company’s products, emotionally connects customers with a company’s product, and creates customer loyalty.  It creates value on the balance sheet in the form of goodwill and attracts investors. We advise emerging companies on trademark strategies to secure their brand names and logos.


For some businesses, copyright protection is a critical asset. We assist emerging companies to protect writings, photographs, images, movies or audio, software programs, and other copyrightable materials.


Our financing experience includes friends and family rounds, crowd funding, seed rounds, Series A rounds and additional letter rounds, and IPOs. These transactions include priced equity, Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs), and Convertible Notes. We advise on current market trends and help clients navigate the different interests of entrepreneurs and investors and investors investing in different rounds.


We represent emerging companies in manufacturing, CPG, entertainment, gaming, software (Apps/SAAS/PAAS), technology, life sciences, cannabis, biotech, cannabis, waste management, food & beverage, agribusiness, fashion, media, and other industries. Our clients are both B2B and B2C. We advise on commercial operations, licensing, data privacy and compliance. We advise on executive compensation and management equity plans. We review our clients’ non-cash compensation model and develop and implement non-cash incentive compensation strategies. 


Our attorneys have earned a reputation as practical and strategic deal closers. Our attorneys lead and complete transactions for public and private companies on the buy-side and sell-side. We provide advice on deal structuring and negotiations based on our client’s individual objectives and circumstances and intelligence on the current M&A market. Our Head of Corporate worked in the M&A practice of the #1 ranked law firm nationally.

Our investor-side practice includes representing venture capital funds, family offices, super angels and angel networks. We represent investors in seed, venture and private equity financings.

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Other than grIP attorneys, grIP team members are fully independent from Mei & Mark LLP, are not partners, employees, or agents of Mei & Mark LLP and participate in grIP in their individual capacities. Attorney-client privilege may be limited to Mei & Mark LLP attorneys and may not extend to other grIP team members.