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Entrepreneurs & Emerging Companies Practice

We advise startups and emerging companies on formation, financing, M&A, fund formation, compensation and intellectual property matters. Our lawyers have worked as inhouse general counsel at startups and emerging companies while also having valuable experience at top-five law firms as ranked nationally. This experience coupled with intellectual property firepower distinguishes us from other boutique law firms.

“I am highly impressed with Mei & Mark attorneys’ legal skills and business acumen as they guided me through many corporate law issues. I highly recommended Mei & Mark for entrepreneurs and emerging companies.  John Doe, CEO, ABC Corp.”

For us, legal advice is just the starting point. We provide our clients with fundraising, operational and strategic guidance, and assist them in finding solutions to challenges faced by early-stage ventures.

We can become members of our client’s management team. We leverage our extensive investor, professional and commercial networks to assist our clients and assist them with expanding their own networks. We polish clients for roadshows and exits. We advise on current market trends and different interests between entrepreneurs and investors and investors investing in different rounds. Our experience ensures that our deals close as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We play the long game in our client relationships. Our clients’ long-term business growth is how we succeed personally in our profession.

Our financing experience includes transactions from friends and family rounds, seed round, Series A rounds and additional rounds, and IPOs. These transactions include Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs), Convertible Notes, and priced equity transactions. We also represent emerging companies in sale and acquisition transactions.

We represent startups and emerging companies in manufacturing, CPG, entertainment, gaming, software (Apps/SAAS/PAAS), technology, life sciences, biotech, waste management, food & beverage, agribusiness, fashion, media, and other industries. Our clients are both B2B and B2C.