About Us
Founded in February 2009, Mei & Mark LLP is a minority-owned law firm based in Washington, DC, and has been recognized as one of the Go-To Law Firms at the Top 500 Companies by American Lawyer Media. Mei & Mark LLP provides clients high quality legal services in a flexible, cost-effective manner, focusing on the full range of IP practice, including patent litigation, Section 337 investigations and inter partes review (IPR) proceedings, as well as business law and complex commercial litigation. Click here for Mei & Mark Firm Brochure

Recognizing our clients’ need to manage their legal budgets with the highest degree of certainty, Mei & Mark LLP offers three flexible billing structures that offer substantial savings compared to large law firms:

(1) Fixed-Fee: We offer reasonable fixed-fee arrangements for most of transactional matters including patent prosecution, licensing, and legal opinions.

(2) Hourly-Rate: We preserve traditional hourly-rate billing practice, should our clients so choose. Our rates reflect substantial savings compared to our former rates and our peers’ rates at big law firms.

(3) Contingency-Fee: We welcome your inquiry regarding our contingency-fee arrangements, and/or incentive-fee arrangements in suitable matters.

Mei & Mark LLP takes pride in its work product and is committed to excellence in work product and client service. Our attorneys have credentials that rival our peers at big law firms, having worked for and/or against big law firms. Having first hand knowledge of how big law firms operate, we recognize the need for an alternative choice for companies, small or large. With lower overhead, Mei & Mark LLP provides our clients excellent legal services in a flexible, cost-effective manner. As a result, we help our clients control their legal costs more efficiently to realize savings, without compromising the quality of work product.